Mt. Doom: a found poem

- Tinidril
Now for it
Now the last gasp
with great effort of will
he raised his eyes
and pitifully began to crawl

Sam wept
but no tears came
to dry and stinging eyes.

I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you!

To his amazement
he felt the burden light;
Amazed to see how far
last effort brought him:
A road rising snakelike
to the Chambers of Fire

But first he must ease
his aching back,
lay beside Frodo for a while.

Urgency called
'Now, now or it will be too late!'
Frodo felt the call
struggled to his knees

I'll crawl, Sam

Foot by foot
grey insects, they crept
to path paved
with rubble and ash

Frodo turned to the east,
far shadows,
torn by wind
or moved by disquiet,
drew aside.

Then he saw
the cruel iron crown
of Barad-Dur.
Northward a flame of piercing eye
turned to the Captains of the West.

at that dreadful glimpse
fell as one stricken

Help me, Sam!