Pippin's Poem

Often a “Fool of a Took” he is called
But a caring and beautiful heart he is at 3’4” tall
He has a habit of eating and topping off ales as most hobbits do
A journey to destroy the One Ring he is summoned to out of the blue
Being the youngest of the Fellowship he is often looked upon as naïve
And not one of much wisdom
Little does he know he would play a major part in the saving of a kingdom
To this call he answers as he stands by his brothers against the Wraiths
His next undertaking would be one of great faith
He makes a pledge to join the Fellowship
And will prove himself time and again even with an occasional foolish slip
Into Moria he treads earning his nickname once again
Where a cut is made ever so deeply losing one of his dearest friends
He is given a blade by the Elves that has already seen service in war
To this journey of who he becomes it opens another door
He steps out to misguide the Uruks as they ramble down the hill
The death of Boromir causes a moment at its most still
He charges the Uruks as one last act of defiance
Yet the Uruks scoop him up and leave one less in the Fellowship alliance
Into Fangorn he escapes where he discovers Treebeard
After awhile he soon learns the old Ent is not to be feared
Entrusted by Gandalf to care for this dear halfling
Treebeard sends Pippin to sleep as he tells tales of entwives and entings
He awakes and taps into some Ent draught
And had no idea what of him would be sought
Told by Treebeard that he should go home and stay out of the war
At first he agreed yet by Merry’s counsel thought he could offer more
His convincing Treebeard to go South and closer to Isengard doesn’t seem to make much sense
Yet what they find at that destination causes a reaction in the old Ent most intense
As the last march ensues, Pippin prepares himself to fight
He soon commences in throwing stones at the orcs with all his might
With Saruman defeated and Isengard in a shambles Pippin finds himself before the food stores
Where he focuses on not only the food but the South Farthing leaf- a true hobbit to the core
While enjoying a few “well earned comforts” of home he is discovered by members of the Fellowship
Before they leave for Edoras, he discovers the Palinitr which causes in his a mind a tip
He hands it off to Gandalf and with him heads to Edoras
Where he lets loose and sings a drinking song, yet reminded, from his memory, Frodo has not passed
The Palintir still taunts him and causes that curious side to come out
The Eye tortures him, delves into his mind, yet he remains an honest fool without a doubt
With this new threat to his life he must ride with Gandalf to Gondor
Where he soon learns of the destruction to come and he wants a part no more
Gandalf tells him it is too late to withdraw and that the “board is set”
Pippin pledges himself to Denethor for what he feels is a grave debt
He is then given the charge of lighting the beacon of Amon Din as he spreads hope and loses a little of the fear
Yet he must make sure that by the fires he is not seared
He then meets Faramir who counsels his decision as a good deed not to be underestimated
And swears fealty to Gondor while slipping a little as the oath is stated
He mourns as he learns Faramir will go to what is almost certain death
He reflects in song fighting the sorrow as he takes each breath
Pippin sees the odd behavior of Denethor and sees he is about to burn his son alive
Our dear hobbit throws himself on the pyre to save Faramir so that life in him could thrive
In the final assault on Gondor, the dread leaves Pippin to think that it is the end
But with Gandalf’s counsel his broken spirit is soon on the mend
After this battle he seeks Merry hoping his friend is not dead
He finds him, cares for him, and they both know there will be another dangerous path to tread
This path leads him to the Black Gates
Where for a small moment he thinks Sauron has sealed Frodo’s fate
This enrages Pippin and along with Aragorn is the first to charge the enemy
One last chance to set Middle Earth free
He realizes that with the destruction of Mount Doom Frodo is gone
Tears stream down his face his heart without a song
Yet his joy is restored as he hugs his beloved kin
For it is by Gandalf and Gwahir’s hand that his friends are returned to him
He returns home with his brothers to the peace of the Shire
Only they can know what they have been through as they toast each other by the fire
Although he knows Frodo is leaving to the Grey Havens and will be there no more
The pain of saying goodbye deepens as he hugs his brother by the shore
Yet with this sorrow there is still a smile on his face
For he knows dear Frodo will forever remain in peace and grace
With this comfort he carries his life on
Perhaps with many more trips to the Green Dragon
Though the journey brought you much pain
You remained true and your love did not wane
You will never be forgotten dear Peregrin “Pippin” Took
For you will remain in our hearts forever and not just within the pages of a book.

I penned this poem for our dear Pippin.  A fellow Ringer (PippinsKay/BillysKay) just celebrated her 50th birthday Aug 10th and I put this poem inside her B-day card that I had drawn for her of all things Pippin. It came with a collage of pictures from the films with poignant moments in his journey.  8/10/06

- TexasHobbit