Faramir’s Journey

Your Father makes upon you impossible demands
You are always torn in two to follow your heart or do as he commands
Always looked down upon with hate and disgust
Always having to prove in you can be placed trust
You realize for your Father this you can never achieve
But in you your brother believes
Boromir rides to what will be his fate
Yet you must continue carrying the burden of your Father’s hate
Your journey then takes you to another place
Where you find two of another race
As you take them captive and find on what journey they have embarked
You ponder of another who fell- was he truly dark of heart?
As war never answers with life
You continue your journey with much strife
Back to your duties your conscience cries
You begin to question the two now before your eyes
You learn they are hobbits of the Shire and friends of Boromir
The reason they do not know of his death is not quite clear
You reveal to them your finding the Horn cloven in two
And that he was your brother in your heart you knew
Holding on to the memory of your brother forever more
You begin to think on what was as you embrace the Horn of Gondor
With sometime to reflect on better times with your brother
Yet your Father once again your light smothers
Not one moment of peace can you have
While you speak your Father at your heart takes another stab
You exchange one more glance with Boromir
As he rides off on a journey from which he will not return you fear
The dream of what once was is now but a memory
Understanding and compassion now sometimes replaced with rage and fury
You bring Frodo to the Forbidden Pool where you are about to order the death of Gollum
Yet Frodo cries out with a request most solemn
It is the One Ring that binds them in a journey profound
Unless they complete their task forever in darkness the world will be bound
You see Frodo’s pain under the weight of the Ring
Perhaps sending it to your Father will end the litany of your suffering
Osgiliath falls under attack and you want to send your Father a “mighty gift”
You learn however even for this action the fate of the future will not shift
You decide to free Frodo, Sam, and Gollum on their journey that will decide the fate of Middle Earth
An understanding you share with Frodo is a lesson you both learn
In this decision you claim your life forfeit for the sake of all
Your Father surely will see this as another fall
You warn Gollum to not bring them harm as they continue on
You see them to the safety you can allow until they are gone
The loss of Osgiliath you could not control
One last statement from your Father will take its toll
Knowing in your Father’s eyes your death is the only absolution
You ride with those who are your brothers for one more evolution
The manner of your return slaps him in the face
He thinks in you life has no trace
He passes knowing you are still alive
Then to the Houses of Healing you are destined to arrive
By the healing hands of the King you are soon on the mend
Where you find another’s heart like yours that you wish to cherish and tend
The losses you endured will stay forever with you
Yet with her your heart is allowed to shine through
You will always be remembered dear Ranger of Ithilien
May you future now brightly begin.

- TexasHobbit