Shieldmaiden of Rohan
Sister of Eomer
Woman most fair
Your heart yearns for one to hold
One to love and with grow old
You hope for the one to be him
But you are not left to your own whim
Your duty calls upon your strong will
For ruling and caring for your people is
the order you must fill
Your time has come to defend Edoras
The Shadow over you shall soon pass
You set out concealed on the long ride
Along with dear Merry at your side
Together you defeated the greatest of the Nine
But your fate and the Shadow became one intertwined
From you your King and Father taken
Your shield splintered and spirit shaken
To the Houses of Healing you were brought
The King with the hands of a healer was sought
With athelas his gentle hands healed you
Making way for your heart's path anew
Another asked for you to be by his side
One to love and in confide
The door of your heart opened
For it would be he the one chosen
You held back, your will almost too strong
But the one turned your heart's sorrow into song
Now with him you can be one
and forever on your face may shine the sun.

- TexasHobbit