The Heart of Aragorn King

The hearts of kings are often cold and indifferent
yet the One King held one of lament
Through many trials he had been
they became his strength time and time again
His heart was troubled for his fate was not sealed
he journeyed in the wild where he remained concealed
A Ranger of the North and one of the Dunedain
he is the one soul that would restore the once broken line
He was known as Strider by many
he began his journey with the hobbits at the Prancing Pony
He protected them from the pursuing Nazgul
and battled against them at what was once Amon Sul
There by the Pale King Frodo was stabbed
it was here the first glimpse of the King’s healing hands
In Rivendell he saw Frodo once again
glad to find him up and on the mend
A decision was to be made for the fate of Middle Earth
he was destined for this journey from the day of his birth
A journey to destroy the One Ring the Fellowship would brave
an oath of his life or death to Frodo he gave
With him his old friend Gandalf would join
along with Boromir, Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Legolas,
and Gimli Son of Gloin
Gandalf charged him to lead the Fellowship on
falling into shadow then with the Balrog gone
Frodo became afraid of even him
but he vowed that he would have followed him to the end
An onslaught of Uruks came- nowhere to hide
his blade drawn and took one or more on with every stride
The death of Boromir a hard blow
the Son of Gondor would forever remain a piece of his soul
With Legolas and Gimli he gave chase
an enduring journey in which they would eventually win the race
He humbled himself before Theoden, King of Rohan
and would fight beside him down to the very last man
His service at Helm’s Deep goes unquestioned
for one more battle he would be destined
He would have to make a decision
to be King was still hard to envision
By Elrond, he was presented Anduril
the heart to become King did within his soul fill
A decision that would change him forever
to walk the Paths of the Dead became his next endeavor
He acquired the allegiance of those who were dead
then on to the Battle of Pelennor Fields they were led
At battle’s end the dead from their curse released
yet the future King could not in his heart find a notion of peace
With athelas his hands the wounded would heal
restoring what the Shadow hoped to steal
A diversion to give Frodo time lent his life once more to the fates
he gave one last cry “For Frodo” before the Black Gates
With the One Ring destroyed and victory at last
he was ordained King now at peace with his troubled past
His beloved Arwen at his side and Queen of Gondor
Middle Earth wishing them a happiness forever more
Now the King holds a heart no longer of lament
but one of freedom, joy, peace, and utmost content
For his fate is no longer concealed
and his journey paved the way for his heart to be healed
Many were lost, the sacrifice made for the greater than the few
Middle Earth allowed to spring with life anew
Always remember the White Tree
and the King’s heart will remain forever with thee.

- TexasHobbit
March 2004