Verses for Merry

Merry of Buckland
Heir to the Master
Leads forth his friends
To avoid much disaster.

"You can trust us to stick to you
Through thick and thin"
And indeed he'd be willing
To protect 'til the end.

Faithful this friend
To Frodo's great quest
Each path to survey
Each stranger to test.

His path went with Frodo
and Pippin and Sam
Through miles on forward
West and South lands.

Rivendell was
To be the last leap.
But he chose to press on
His friends he would keep.

He pressed on with diligence
Faithful and true,
Contributing companionship,
Intelligence, too.

It was his persistance
To press to the end
That fixed his broken will
After Amon Hen.

A loss of a new friend
A journey with an old
Brought them to Fangorn
Treebeard to behold.

Flotsam and jetsam
And Gandalf the White
And off to Rohan
Full of brand new insight.

He pledges allegiance
To a father and King
And soon he would ride
With the great Rohirrim.

A battle-worn body
And a tears from more loss
His heart sank quite low
And his spirit was tossed.

But his friends returned favor
As he healed from his wounds
His dearest friend Pippin
Lifted spirits anew.

The Ring was destroyed
No help from his sword?
No, think again,
For Merry deserves an award.

For his friends he would do it;
Would fight, kill, or die,
On his faithful leadership
His friends still rely.

Leading back to the Shire
His magnificence waxed great
Bringing hobbits together
To change their weak fate.

Now known is his leadership
Throughout Hobbit-kind
And Men still exault him
For his bravery and mind.

But he only did what
He thought was the best
To protect his dear friends
And hold off the rest.

To Merry, Magnificent,
Faithful and true
We lift our thanks up
for the things you did do.

- Stef Brandybuck