The Fall

- Squishee Samwise

I am so weak, but you cant see,
My body, it does tire,
when I go, dont weep for me
I must plunge into the fire.

You always gave me courage,
But I will leave you soon
You don't have to look out for me anymore,
As I soar into this doom.

The ring has been cast away,
our journey has been slow,
let go of my heart and save yourself,
Let me fall to the depths below.

I want this death more than life itself,
Please, wont you understand?
That I can't go on living without my burden,
So unleash my weary hand.

Dont you let go! You now say,
But can't you see I want to?
But i am lifted by your love,
And at the end of all things, there is you.