Three Hunters

This poem was written by my son, Nathan, while he sat and watched the EE DVD.. For you folks who are interested in the details, the mention of Gimli carrying Balin's axe comes from statements made in LOTR Weapons and Warfare; my son claims to have checked this out by watching the film with stop action and is convinced that Gimli did indeed pick up such an axe from the tomb of Balin! - Linaewen

Three Hunters

Forth the three hunters,
Across the bare rock
and over running brook,
Friends to save from torment.

Tireless, dauntless,
Mountains do not slow them.
Driven on by sorrow,
Driven on by rage.

Driven by an evil will,
As if their masters' whips
were on their backs,
The savage ones flee.

The Red sun rises,
Third day on the run.
Manflesh scent on the air.
Still the Hunters gain.

Wingfoot leads them,
Tracking their quarry.
Fell light in his eyes,
The Flame of the West.

Greenleaf is tireless,
Swift and light-footed.
Bow of the Galadhrim,
Eyes of a hawk.

And last of all comes Gloin's-son,
Dwarf of the Mountain Race.
Wielder of Balin's axe,
Not built for cross country.

Three hunters running,
Elf, dwarf, and King of Men.
Forty leagues and Five,
Last of the Fellowship.

- Son of Lin