The Parting of Elrond and Arwen

- Sinthor
Though it is written that none knew what words were spoken on that fateful evening between father and daughter, a record was indeed passed down from Arwen to her children, later becoming a linnod of the heirs of Aragorn. Here follows the original text, translated from its native Quenya roots....

The Parting of Elrond and Arwen

Daughter dear, my heart desires that you would come with me today,
For night is falling, I am weary, and here I cannot stay.
I would not see you fade from grace and fail upon this shore,
Rather, come with me and let your beauty live forever more.

My father dear, my heart is torn, yet here I mean to stay,
For my love, my life and my soul belong here, not far away.
Elessar, Estel, my mate of soul, I long for and adore.
And so I’ll not sail far away, I cannot forsake this shore.

My daughter, my heart grieves me so, although long I have known
your thoughts,
Is there nothing that a father can do or say that will in this
count for aught?
For short and bitter may the years indeed seem, when at last they
run their course,
And rash may then seem your choice doomed now, when the days run
short perforce.

Short they may be, but sweet they seem to me, no other choice can
I see,
Than to stay with my love, let life run it’s course, though I
regret the hurt to thee.
I will stay my father; our lines will mingle and be restored once
and for all,
And in the end, may my wisdom be seen when we are re-united by
Eru’s call.

My daughter my heart, although I dread the parting that now lies
I cannot condemn you or he in thought, I will speak no evil word.
For love cannot be turned, tis said, though all obstacles be
placed in between,
Still, I must go and seek sweet Aman; from the West for thee I’ll

Now know that my heart does indeed have some gladness for you my
I shall hope and pray that your life’s course is long and free
from fear.
This parting long have I dreaded, although its course was long ago
I’ll look for thee when the world is remade, never will I forget.

Nor I, dear father, never will I forget the love that you have
shown to me,
Oh, that the days were longer and I was not made to chose between
he and thee.
But now my destiny is set, I can delay no longer, my husband I
cannot ignore,
I wish thee all speed, long life and happiness in the blessed
realm of Valinor.