Strider's Eyes

Sea-grey eyes that hold
countless untold mysteries.
To share all you've learned
would take another lifetime.
The beauties of glorious lands,
The depths of dark mines,
The expanse of fathomless seas,
The heights of mountains before unimagined,
The diverse peoples of Middle-earth.
All you have seen and protected.
Not for glory or praise, rather,
just because you love them.
Sea-grey eyes that hold
your heart's mysteries.
A life of exile you have chosen,
A life of a Ranger of Ithilien,
A life you have lived well,
A life that has known the joys of love,
A world you have left better off
for your having been here.
You seek to know if it is right for you
To become the King of Gondor,
To hold that power in your hands,
To be who you were born to be.
Sea-grey eyes that hold
the answers to all the mysteries.

- Silivren Ithildin