Merry and Pippin

Two young rascals
that never stay down,
out in the Shire
or even in town.

Their size may
seem rather small,
but, their hearts
are oh, so very tall.

Never meaning harm
to anyone they meet,
these two gents
are truly a treat.

Whether stealing fireworks
or even vegetables,
you never know
of just what they're able.

Most nights they go
down to the Green Dragon,
to socialize and
have a few flagons.

Getting caught up
in Frodo and Sam's flight,
in Rivendell their path
they keep in sight.

Their connection to the Fellowship
was ever near,
they really overcame
each new fear.

To protect Frodo and Sam
ever in the back of their minds,
sometimes seemed
to get them in a bind.

Seeing Boromir die
while protecting them,
hurt their hearts
clear up to the brim.

The orcs and Uruk-hai
took them away,
When Treebeard they met
was their lucky day.

From two Shire gents
never doing hard work,
came two Warriors
work never to shirk.

Helping Treebeard
keep Saruman bound,
In Isengard
they are finally found.

Victory over evil
was hard fought,
to never give up
was ever in their thoughts.

When at last they see
their friends again,
they know it was worth
everywhere they've been.

Back to the Shire
the Hobbits go,
Their fellowship
ever to grow.

On the sad day
Frodo departs,
grief is felt
deep in their hearts.

- Silivren Ithildin