The Many Names of Merry

Without understanding the consequences
Merry left the Shire and went to Bree,
all he knew was his cousin needed help
and so along with Frodo he went.
The way was hard and fraught with dangers
but, there were wonders to see everywhere he went.
New friends as well as new foes were met,
he grieved over the new friends that were lost.
In Rohan he came into the service of King Theoden
and each grew to love the other.
When King Theoden died on the Pelennor Fields
Merry grieved as one who had lost a Father.
Forever after in Rohan Merry was known as
'Holdwine' because he was a "True Friend" to Theoden.
Also known in Rohan as 'Master Holbytla'
"Master Hobbit" is what it meant.
In Gondor he helped slay the Witch King of Angmar
when he was supposed to stay in Rohan.
He became known as 'Master Perian' in Gondor.
Perian from Periannath "Halflings" it means.
Yet another name he gained when to the Shire he returned,
to only have to turn around and fight again.
The Scouring of the Shire netted him the name
'Meriadoc the Magnificent' for his excellent strategy.
'Master of Buckland' was the title he was born to wear
and he bore it well for the rest of his life.
All these names were given to Merry
who was Kalimac in genuine Hobbitish,
usually shortened to Kali, meaning "Jolly"
But, there was nothing short about Merry
as he was one of the tallest Hobbits ever.

- Silivren Ithildin