Legolas' Eyes

Deep within your eyes
many things look back at me.
The agelessness of Elves
shines out so very clearly.

Yet, I have also seen
such a patent disbelief
as you watched Gandalf fall,
your pain close to the surface.

In Helm's Deep I saw a despair
over the overwhelming circumstances,
300 against 10,000?
Noone could be unaffected.

But, when the Elf Horn sounded
and you watched the Elves come in
the strength of your Elvish blood
blazed outwardly from your soul.

Before the Black Gate
as the Host of Mordor surrounded you
and you saw Aragorn's plight
desperation to help him shone through.

A quiet sort of joy glowed from your eyes
when evil was no longer in Middle-earth
and with the journey's end
you were free to be you again.

- Silivren Ithildin