Frodo's Heart

How can I even begin to start
to try to show you Frodo's heart?
Oh so very innocent and pure
he's wonderful to be sure.

As a wee, tender young lad
he sadly lost his Mom and Dad.
With Bilbo he went to live
great care did Bilbo give.

Their birthdays were the same,
to their parties everyone came.
So alike in most ways
it was no wonder why together they stayed.

Peace reigned in his life
until that one fateful night.
A ring he unexpectedly inherits,
it's fortunate he is a Hobbit of merit.

He and Sam a journey started
through the Shire they quickly darted.
On the way Pippin and Merry they met,
To the Prancing Pony they had to get.

At the Inn, Strider they meet,
they were thankful to get off their feet.
They waited for Gandalf, who didn't show,
at last they knew they had to go.

On Weathertop disaster came upon them,
Frodo's well-being was looking kind of grim.
To Rivendell they had to get,
no time to waste since Frodo had been hit.

A swift, dangerous route by horse
got Frodo there faster, of course.
Master Elrond worked diligently to heal,
but, the wound Frodo will always feel.

At the Council of Elrond Frodo sealed his fate,
to go to Mordor, this couldn't wait.
A Fellowship of Nine was made,
their path before them was laid.

In Moria they were sorry to say
they lost a friend along the way.
On through grief they had to go,
they had no time to give in to woe.

In Lothlorien Galadriel he met,
an unexpected look into the future he'd get.
At the Fall of Rauros the Fellowship he had to leave behind,
Sam wouldn't let him go alone, a better friend you couldn't find.

On and on through perils unknown,
the route there they had to be shown.
Gollum, a promise to the Master he gave,
to the Black Gate, the way he would pave.

A different way Gollum said he would find,
so they quickly left the Black Gate behind.
Staying too long at a battle site,
let Faramir and Company bind them up tight.

To Osgiliath they were taken,
but, by a new understanding was Faramir shaken.
On their way they were sent,
off to the Morgul Vale they went.

Shelob's lair was so terrible,
of Frodo she wanted a nibble.
Samwise the Brave to Frodo's rescue came
Once free, their mission was ever the same.

On to Mount Doom through the Orcs they went,
to throw the Ring into the fire, they were bent.
They went up the hot mountain side,
to save the whole world wide.

At the last moment the Ring ensnared Frodo,
Gollum with the Ring in the fire had to go.
Sauron was finally brought down again,
And Frodo could at last recall Bag End.

Victory was finally theirs,
They could at last shed their cares.
A ride with the Eagles on high,
allowed them to tell Mordor good-bye.

Reunited at last with his friends,
Brought out Frodo's huge, sweet grin.
When Gondor and Rohan bowed before him low,
he saw their respect for his bringing down their foe.

To the Shire they returned,
happiness in his heart brightly burned.
But, at last he had to leave,
with his friends he secretly grieved.

To Valinor with Gandalf and the Elves,
into a new world he gets to delve.
In the fullness of Sam's years,
they get to reunite, no doubt, with tears.

- Silivren Ithildin