Unimaginable Grief

I must preface this poem by telling you all that in the ROTK EE where Éomer finds Éowyn on the battle field and he cries out is the instant that this poem is about. It is hard to explain, but, Karl Urban gave me goosebumps and broke my heart in his portrayal of this scene. I have never seen any other actor even come close to showing so much emotion in any movie I have ever watched.

Unimaginable Grief

A breath I take in the lull.
The battle done for the moment.
All around me I see death
in the midst of our victory.

Suddenly, I hear a sound
that is unlike any others.
I look to my left to find
it's very source.

The sight chills me
just as much as the sound.
How can this be possible?
It should not be.

The Lady Éowyn was to be
in charge back in Edoras.
Not anywhere near the battle.
Her safety was to be assured.

Yet, my eyes tell me I see
the Lady Éowyn in Éomer's arms.
His cry of absolute heartbreak
tells me of his unimaginable grief.

- Silivren Ithildin