The Good with the Bad

Ada, why didn't you tell me
all that you had foreseen?
Why did you keep
the good from me?

I know you don't want to leave me
here in Middle-Earth when you go.
And I don't want you to leave,
never to see you again.

But, what I really couldn't stand
would be to leave the Man I Love
and all of the children we might have had.
This would have mortally wounded my heart.

The knowledge that I will face death
does not in the least bother me.
The joys I will experience here
will more than make up for that.

If I hadn't had a vision myself
I might have gone with you to Valinor,
but, my soul would have slowly withered away
from the regret I would feel for leaving.

- Silivren Ithildin