Elessar of the House of Strider

In the past he was a mysterious Ranger,
never fearing to go into danger.

Always helping strangers in their time of need,
so many good, strong, noble deeds.

Ever in the shadows never needing praise,
never able to stay only in one place.

Keeping at bay goodness' foe,
he never failed even in times of great woe.

To help others was his saving grace,
they hardly ever even saw his face.

On a journey he dares to undertake,
eight wonderful friends will he make.

Never knowing the trials he'll meet,
Frodo's protection is the promise he'll keep.

Onward now he must go,
his destiny he needs to know.

Using all his many, varied skills,
Orcs and Uruk-Hai he has to kill.

When the Fellowship at last falls apart,
it weighs heavily upon his heart.

To follow Frodo and Sam or to find Pippin and Merry,
Such a dilemma can make one weary.

Not sure of his course a decision he must make,
After Pippin and Merry is the path he will take.

In Isengard they are finally found,
Helping Treebeard keep Saruman bound.

Feasting and smoking up on the wall,
he is happy to have found them at all.

Under the Mountain he must go,
The Army of the Dead to get to know.

The way is shut and the Dead keep it,
The King is able their aid to get.

Their help in war he really needs,
The enemy is brought to it's knees.

The battle is won,
Their oath is done.

Their wanderings can now cease,
He sends them on their way in peace.

To give Frodo the time he needed
is the call that men heeded.

A diversion Gondor and Rohan make,
Standing before the Black Gate.

Victory over evil is finally theirs,
Easing their burdens and their cares.

The Fellowship is reunited together,
their joy unbound to see each other ever.

In the fullness of his time,
Aragorn accepted to rejoin his line.

He is the King, there is no doubt,
May his line never fade out.

His people he loves and will protect,
No other King will they accept.

Now come the days of the King
May they be blessed indeed,
with his Queen by his side
May their reign be given heed.

- Silivren Ithildin