A Mighty Duo

Hating each other's race
hardly helps a friendship start,
at least Legolas and Gimli
were willing to open their hearts.

To protect Middle-Earth
foremost in their minds,
The old feuds
they left behind.

On a long, hard journey
they willingly go,
admiration and friendship
between them begins to grow.

An Elf and a Dwarf
rarely together you'll see,
These two gentlemen
want everyone to be free.

Their weapons together
in battle flashed,
Not once were
their hopes dashed.

Keeping track of
each individual kill,
They impressed each other
with their skill.

Not to be outdone
by the other,
they became
more like brothers.

Deeper and deeper
their friendship grows,
Where it would lead them
they could not know.

Both of them
did their part,
without question
from their heart.

Side by side
with their friend,
always to stay
until the end.

- Silivren Ithildin