White Wolf

- Shelob
Great wolf runs through the moonlight,
fur shining as tho' brushed with fire.
Little rabbit shivers with fright,
hiding in the grass, under hedge of briar.

Colors of white and silver grey,
slinking shadows through the pines.
Seeking the small and weak as prey,
fierce and evil hunter of olden times.

Climbing swiftly to top of stony hill,
sleek and powerful body on the prowl.
Fell voices, giving one a cold chill,
echoing over valley, their ringing howl.

Pets of goblins, striking fear,
paws, soundless, coming down.
Faster than the quickest deer,
the pack gathers, in ring around.

Icy wind whistles across their backs,
as at the full moon they stare.
Bright light revealing huge paw tracks,
and gleaming yellow eyes that glare.

Snow falling thick and drifting high,
wolves slip quietly out of sight.
Ghostly shapes, stealthy and sly,
they disappear, silently, into the night.