Lament of the WitchKing

I ride along
Dreams of days gone by,
noble king was I.
Gold and silver,
my treasury overflowed.
All bowed down to me,
power and greed,
overcame honor.
Slave to Sauron,
now a tortured soul,
peace, no more
I ride along

I ride along
My life a misery
of sorrow and shame.
For deeds of evil
were many, causing
grief and pain.
My daily bread,
a terror of fire
and fear.
Such as most,
will never know.
I ride along.

I ride along
Darkness and shadow
surround me.
My master calls,
and I answer.
What is your desire?
oh, Dark Lord.
Evil commands
my days.
Bring me the Ring!
Shire? Baggins?
I ride along.

I ride along
Tall watch tower's
ring of stones.
Mist rises,
cold moon, shines down.
IT is here!
My heart burns,
poison sword slashes.
Fire and fear,
defeat me.
Madness comes.
I ride along.

- Shelob