Wishful Thinking

- Shelob

Rivendell, place where elves dwell,
Home of wayfaring strangers.
Gentle rain dampens the gardens.
River rushes over stones.
Cheerful voices sing songs.
Winters pale sunlight,
Turns twilight to amber,
Cold winds around eaves wander.
The Company waits........
Elrond gives Gandalf a final warning.
Sam thinks "Darn it, I forgot rope."
Strider tightens the pack straps,
Bill swishes his tail impatiently.
Gimli runs his thumb across axe blade.
Legolas gazes wishfully up into trees.
Merry and Pippin shiver.
Boromir watches Frodo.
Little Ring-bearer sits on the stoop,
Chin in hands,
"I wish this thing had never come to me."