Whispering Winds

"The chasm was long and dark and filled with the noise of wind and rushing water and echoing stone" - JRR Tolkien

Gates of King's, the Argonath
Through the Ages of Middle-Earth,
Standing tall, guard the River Anduin's
Roaring Falls.
Only the very brave dare pass,
These walls of stone.
North wind blows chill,
Icy fear in their hearts.
West wind retreats,
As the strong warrior dies,
There is a 'fell voice' in the air.
South wind whispers a song,
Of peace that may become,
More than dream, of a faithful brother.
East wind, to Gondor goes,
Shadow and terror of war,
Follow in her footsteps.
Men shiver with despair.
Can the White City, stand alone?
- Shelob