Lord of the Ring-A two word thing

- Shelob

One ring
Uncrowned king.

Birthday party
Hobbits hearty.

Leaves drifting
Riders sniffing.

Jolly fellow
Boots yellow.

Mushrooms fried
Ferry ride.

Village old
Pony bold.

Brave ranger
Great danger.

Wee folk
Goblin talk.

Nazgul breath
Cold death

Tower slate
Evil waits.

Fiery eye
Flying spy.

Icy snow
Downward go.

Elf tale
Dwarf mail.

Mines flame
Durin's Bane.

Wizard light
Horse white.

Old Ent
Storm sent.

Spider black
Sneak attack.

Blade high
Spider's eye.

Tall tower
Evil power.

Frodo fighting
Gollum biting.

Armies war
Eagles soar.

Sword new
Orcs slew.

Silver tree
Men free.

King crowned
Hobbits renowned.

Journey made
Shire saved.

Sam home
Frodo gone.

Elves diminished
Tale finished.