Three Flags

LotR Object: Flags at the Pelennor Fields

Flag of Rohan, home of Edoras and Helm's Deep,
White horse running on field of green,
Blowing gently, in the breeze.
Symbol of bravery and pride,
Horselord's of the Rohirrim, into battle, ride.
Eowyn, Shield-maiden of valor, fights for her King.

Flag of Dol Amroth, tower looking toward the sea,
White ship sailing on waves of blue,
Flying high, above warriors true.
Token of courage in war,
Noble knights of Prince Imrahil march before,
As Troll-men and orcs, in sunlight, they slew.

Flag of Gondor, city of Elendil, King of men,
White flowering tree surrounded by seven stars,
Crown of mithril and gold.
From the Paths of the Dead, a flashing sword,
Re-forged and strong, as in days of old,
Fighting Rangers of the North, led by Aragorn, their Lord.

Rohan, Dol Amroth and White City of Gondor,
Three flags on the Pelennor Fields,
White Horse, White Ship and White Tree.
Banners, proud in all their splendor,
They wave, over spears, swords and shields,
Leading the way, to keep Middle Earth free.