Spirit in the Sky

- Shelob

Great eagle, softly soaring,
Over grass of Rohan plains.
Sailing across river roaring,
Searching for rabbits or lambs.

Fearful of men with bow and arrow,
Dislikes goblins, wolves and orc.
Rescues Gandalf from tower narrow,
Flying swiftly to Captain of the Mark.

Sweeping over the fields of battle,
Goblin warriors run, screaming in fear.
Talons clash on shields with a rattle,
Scattering enemies, far and near.

Gwaihir and strong feathered brother,
Flying like the wind to mountain fires.
Sam, wounded master, next to each other,
All hope gone, as their world expires.

Eagle pair, landing lightly,
Up they climb on smooth back.
Holding on, very tightly,
Carry hobbits through smoke black.

Aragorn crowns Gwaihir with gold,
"Fly always free , all my lands your home."
"Fear no warrior arrows of men bold,
Soar over horse pastures, to ocean's foam."