The Six Ents

- Shelob

Treebeard, most Ancient One
Walking throught forest dark
Seaching for the Entwives
So long are they gone
Drinking his Ent ale
Solitude of moonlight, pale

Leaflock stands in the meadow
Drowsy in the warm sunshine
Grass growing around his knees
Winter snow falling
Opens his eyes
Tears running down his cheeks

Skinbark on high mountain side
Wounded in leaf and limb
Death of his tree herds
Mourning their loss
Surrounded by whispering birch
Days pass into night

Wandlimb, the Lightfooted
Flowers blossom in her meadows
Fruit trees, apple, pear and peach
Gardeners from a long time ago
A burning desert, no trees
Entwives walk westward, alone

Beechbone, the young and brave
Pulling down Isengard's stone
Fire scorching, burning bright
Whirlwind of fury unleashed
Black tower rising from water
Shadows moving in the dusk

Quickbeam, tall and slender
Sharing laughter in his songs
Walks along the forest edges
Happy as he strides along
River Isen, flowing swiftly
Washing clean the paths of stone.