The End of Shelob

- Shelob
A blinding light in my eyes,
A piercing wound in my side.
Tricked by two little spies,
A stunning loss of pride.

Mine, to crawl away in defeat,
Forever lost, my dark lair.
Never again to eat sweet meat,
My life, an agony of despair.

Great evil must come to an end,
So say the long legends of man.
Destroyed by a hobbit and friend,
His faithful gardner, named Sam.

Through the ages, long and dark,
Weeping, for what is now my past.
Crawling into the desert, stark,
Consumed by my own greed at last.

And now for 'THE REAL END'

Creeping slowly across the desert sand,
Searching for the Shire, a distant land.
Arriving at the door of the Prancing Pony,
Convinces the Patrons, she eats cake, only,
And can spin fine verse with a poetic hand!