Sam's Wish

- Shelob

It is a beautiful day in the Shire,
Sam walks to the Green Dragon with a smile.
About news from Bree, he would inquire,
Have a pint with friends and visit awhile.
"I heard the elves are sailing over the sea,
To the Grey Havens, away in the west."
"Who cares" said Sandyman, "it means naught to me."
In Sam's mind, to see elves, would be the best.
"Those Baggin's," Ted sneered, "are crazy as loons."
And he finished his mug with a laugh.
Sam sighed, while he thought, it will take many moons,
Before he stopped watching, for elves on the path.
He whistled as he walked out into the night,
Dreaming of adventure and elves in moonlight.