- Shelob

A simple gardner, Samwise was his name,
Roses and potatoes were what he grew.
He liked Green Dragon beer and fare plain,
Mushrooms and bacon, cooked by Rosie and crew.

He went with Frodo, his dearest friend,
On a journey to save Middle Earth.
A hero he was, from there and back again,
Rescuing his friend from fire and death.

Onto the backs of eagles they climbed,
Away from the dust and ashes, flew.
Leaving Gollum and the Ring behind,
Now life would be peaceful, they knew.

Sam married Rosie and children they had,
Their garden, finest of all in the Shire.
And Frodo, tho' weary, was mostly glad,
To sit an write his story, by the fire.

Until the day came when Frodo sailed away,
With elves to the Undying Lands.
And Samwise would dream of him every day,
As he passed thru life's hour glass of sands.