The Rohirrim

- Shelob
They run, manes flowing in the wind, Rohan's horses.
Green grass ripples like the sea across rolling pastures.
For many years the Horsemen have called this land home,
Young lads practiced riding until they were men.
Lord over all was Theoden, mighty Rohan's king,
Protecting his people from the bitter East wind.

From Mordor, in the East, blows an evil wind.
Snorting and prancing, run the powerful horses.
Grima Wormtongue deceives Theoden, the King.
All the black horses are stolen from their pastures,
And stories are told of the wicked deeds of men,
Tho' the horselords of the Riddermark, save our home.

Eastfold, Westfold, East and West Emmet and Wold was home,
And the King's Golden Hall stood against the strongwind.
From the White Horn Mountains to Fangorn, ride the horsemen,
Brave warriors on strong and beautiful horses.
Riding to the Misty Mountains over grassy pastures,
Loyal they were to Theoden, their wonderful king.

Wearing corslets of silver, carrying green flag of the King,
They rode to war in lands far from their peaceful home.
Galloping into the East, leaving behind gentle pastures,
A dark cloud and a Shadow come with the East wind.
Bringing fear and despair to both men and horses,
As, in the early grey dawn, rode away the King's men.

Into distant lands and battles rode the brave men,
Spears glinting in sunlight, Shield-warriors for theKing.
The wind blows cool in their faces, fanning tails of horses,
As they gallop towards the mountains, far from home.
Dust drifts from their hoofbeats, soundless in thewind,
Trailing behind them like smoke across the pastures.

Foothills of the Misty Mountains meet the green pastures,
Dwelling place of a brave, yet gentle, race of men.
From North, South, West and East sighs the wind.
Horselords of the Rohirrim, led by a true-hearted King.
Their families wait, for the men's safe return home,
Preparing a royal welcome for the most noble horses.

The cold North wind sweeps over the far pastures,
As glorious horses, ridden by Rohan's finest men,
Praise an honorable King, whom gave his life, to save their home.