- Shelob

Enchanted River, magic,
Dreams of elven-feasts.
Dwarf sleeping, tragic.

Forest River darker,
Halls of Elven-king.
Barrels rolling thru water.

River Running colder,
Passing into Longlake.
Dragon's bones molder.

Brandywine, river brown,
Buckleberry ferry.
Guarding Bree town.

Withywindle, river winding,
Old man Willow.
Jolly Tom, lilies finding.

River Hoarwell pale,
Elf's green jewel.
Hope may yet prevail.

Loudwater of Rivendell,
White foaming flood.
Riders of evil fell.

River Isen flowing,
Gap of Rohan.
Orc army growing.

Entwash, river strong,
Tree-herders old.
Fangorn brooding long.

Sirannon, the Gate-stream,
Land of elven-smiths.
Holly trees, no longer green.

Anduin, river grey,
Falls of Rauros.
Carry brave warrior away.