Frodo's Reflections

- Shelob
This small gold ring
should weigh nothing,
alas, it is a very tiny thing.
And yet,
this small gold ring
seems as heavy on it's chain,
as an anchor
holding steady a tall ship,
in a deep harbor.
And yet,
how can this very tiny thing
seem heavier than a weight
of cold iron, sinking,
to the sandy ocean floor?
And yet,
this small gold ring,
swinging, softly, on it's chain,
burdens my heart
as falling snowflakes that, alone,
are nothing,
And yet,
in the howling, blizzard winds,
can bury all traces
of man's presence upon the land.
And yet,
this small gold ring,
such a very pretty thing,
gleaming in the sunlight,
creates a desire in my mind
like greed and flame.
And yet,
I could claim it for my own!
Slipping away, invisible,
as a thief, in the shadows of night.
And yet.......................