The Question

- Shelob

Into the Shire, he came in a cart,
Pony's feet tramping through dust.
Loved hobbits with all of his heart,
Life to protect them, if he must.

"Now Frodo my lad, you own Bag End,
Plus, this tiny, dangerous ring.
Shadow trying your will to bend,
Tis' the power of the golden thing."

"Keep it secret, do not tell,
What wonderous magic it wields."
"Keep it safe, hide it well,
Don't use lightly, walking in fields."

"I will return before summers gone,
This is a promise I won't break."
"Plan on traveling far from home.
It is your duty, the ring to take."

"Oh Gandalf Grey, the summers past,
I've watched the road each day."
"Lovely things sold, Lobelia, happy at last.
Sunset in Hobbiton, please Gandalf, I pray."

"Do not leave me without your might,
To keep us safe from danger."
"Through the dark and stormy night,
Can we trust, a tall, dark stranger?"