The Quest

- Shelob

Boromir wanders, seeking the way
Find sword that was broken
Save the day
At last, to Rivendell he comes
Land of elves, summer's fading sun
Who is the Halfling?
What is this Thing?
I, Steward of Gondor, should be King
Such a choice you do not have
Ranger of the North stands tall
If by my life or death I can save
Horn of Gondor's ringing call
Long weary journey must be made
Up the side of fierce mountain
Into dark tunnels of Moria's shade
Flaming terror
Falling, falling
Oh Mithrandir, friend indeed
Never were we in greater need
Lady of the Golden Wood
Pain and sorrow, gifts of love
Perilous river of the Greyflood
Watching Red Eye
Give me the Ring, Frodo
Saruman's evil Uruk-hai
To the Eastern Shore they go
Striking back with arrows of might
Two alone in the darkness
Warrior of Gondor's final fight
Small grey boat drifting in mist
Orc whips lash little one's legs
Three left behind
Running, running.