Nine Plus One

- Shelob

"I will take it," Frodo said, "Tho' I do not know the way,"
Elrond spoke, "you need not go alone, be that as it may."

Faithful servant, Sam, will not leave your side,
Every step, on every path, with you he will stride.

Legolas, the Elflord, with far seeing eyes,
Protection providing, from high flying spies.

Gimli, the Dwarf, heart brave and true,
Mighty axe, to slay any foe, will save you.

Strider, the ranger Elfstone, will lead without fail,
Thru forest, meadow and marsh, finding the trail.

Boromir, man of stature, with sword, shield and horn,
When evil strikes, hard will fight, Denethor's first born.

Pippin, scarf around his neck, throws apples in the air,
Cooking bacon and tomato's, with a smile to spare.

Merry, cheerful hobbit, to go with friends, glad,
Hidden in his pockets, extra pipeweed, always had.

Gandalf the Grey, wizard wise, knows the right direction,
Vows that Saruman, the White, will pay for his deception.

Now the nine were chosen, one more they did need,
Who will carry the baggage? Bill the Pony, sturdy steed.