- Shelob

Lovely forest of Mallorn trees
Opponents of the Dark Lord
Time seems to stand still
Home of elves, singers of songs
Land where many flowers bloom
Offering a safe harbor for travelers
Rain drops falling softly down
Into the rivers sparkling pools
Evenstar, fairest princess of all
Now the sun sets in the West

Land of the tree-elves
One Ring must be destroyed
True test of faith
Haldir, elf-warrior
Leaves of golden hue
Oasis in a world at war
Ring of Adamant and of Water
Images of fire and fear
Elves, oldest and noblest
Nenya, Ring of Power

Lorien's golden years
Orophin, brother of Haldir
Twilight shadows fall
Heir of Isildur
Leader of men
Old Forest road leading East
River Anduin flowing fast
Innocence lost
Elbereth Gilthoniel