Longbottom Leaf

LotR Object: The kegs of leaf at Isengard

Now hobbits of old were happy indeed,
Smoking the herb they named "Pipe-Weed"
Most pleasant, they deemed, Longbottom Leaf and Old Toby,
"Sweet Galenas" called, by the men of Gondor, only.

Hobbits of Bree claimed they were the first,
To smoke a fine pipe, while quenching their thirst.
Tho' Wizards and Rangers refined the art,
Sending ships of smoke, thru air, like a dart.

While Ents were smashing Isengard's stone,
Two small hobbits sat, waiting all alone,
Munching red apples and watching for a King,
Sitting in the sunshine, blowing a smoke ring.

Merry Brandybuck wrote a history bout' the stuff,
Of the best 'homegrown', there was never enough.
Even strangers in Bree, loved a good pipe,
While drinking a pint in the Pony, at night!