A Late Start

- Shelob

In the house of Bombadil,
Little hobbits sleep.
Feeling safe at last, until,
Promise to go on, they must keep.

To edge of forest Tom led them,
No other 'shortcuts' take.
You'll be safe now, my friends,
Follow the road to ferry gate.

The afternoon sun began to set,
They came to Old Maggot's farm.
Pippin said, "here we'll be well met"
But Frodo shouted with alarm.

Oh no, not land of Farmer Maggot,
For sure he will have my hide.
Not even this thick jacket,
Will keep buckshot from my side.

Oh, that was many years ago,
He won't even remember your name.
Hurry Frodo, don't be slow,
These ol' dogs are really tame.

Come along lads, suppers on the table,
Tis' mushrooms and bacon, me thinks.
And Rosie is ready with her ladle,
Potatos, gravey and nice cold drinks.

Earlier today, dogs chased a stranger,
All dressed in black was he.
Are you boys in some kind of danger?
He looked very evil to me.

Of our task, we cannot speak,
Your help we'll gladly accept.
The hour grows late, fog is thick,
Wagon wheels turn with a squeak.

Onto the raft, across the river,
Dark shadows on distant shoal.
Angry shriek, makes them shiver,
Hoofbeats pounding down the road.