Hurried Departure

- Shelob

Thirteen dwarves started out seeking treasure,
Gandalf said, "Find one more for good luck."
"I know a hobbit that will stand up to measure,
But, of adventures, he does'nt think much."

We'll sing some songs about wonderful places,
While we wash up his supper dishes.
Perhaps he will trust our friendly faces,
With a promise of gold to do as we wishes.

So happy was Bilbo on the following morn,
Must have been a bad dream after all.
Finishing second breakfast, hears a shout of alarm,
"Hurry up, my lad, you will be late for the call."

Furry hobbit feet, running down the road,
Hurrying, scurrying, thinking as he ran.
Quite sure he'd forgotten the last wash load,
And some mushrooms still in the frying pan!