Horses of Rohan

- Shelob

Proud they run, beautiful ones
Colts frolicking in green grass
Coats burnished by the sun
Neighing, leaping, running fast

All colors are they, black and grey
Wearing harness of war, stepping out
Buckskin, palomino, sorrel and bay
Manes blowing in wind, rider's shout

Hoofbeats like thunder, galloping along
Never do they stop, tho' tired and weary
Carrying brave masters into war's storm
Whirling and twisting in battle's fury

Dawn to darkness, Horses of Rohan
Spears of soldiers shining bright
Doing their duty as no one else can
Marching to war in sun's hot light

Dusk settles across Rohan's plains
Horses return to stables, tired bunch
Brushing of fur and combing of manes
Cool water to drink and oats to munch