Wizard's Hats

- Shelob

Floppy brown hat of rabbit fur,
Radagast roams the woods, sure,
That old gnarled trees are not forsaken,
And orcs with axes, prisoners taken!

Soft grey hat, tall and pointy.
Gandalf and Rangers, work jointly.
Protecting Rivendell and the Shire,
From wolves, goblins and Saruman's ire.

Hat white as snow, an evil cap,
Saruman Wise, sends orcs to the Gap,
Of Rohan, where the horsemen proud,
Prepare for war under darkning cloud.

Deep into the mines of flame,
Grey hat meets with Durin's Bane.
Falling, falling, through darkness of night,
Eight left remaining in perilous flight.

Hat of colors, changing with the light,
Gandalf the Grey, now Gandalf the White.
Rides swiftly to Gondor, as evil draws near,
Winged Nazgul's breath, all trimble in fear.

Hat of old man, cloaked in rainbow hood,
He wanders aimlessly through the wood.
Returning to the Shire, through village of Bree,
It's hobbits in chains he wants to see.

Hats of brown, grey, white or rainbow,
Only in the end will we know.
Which wizard's hat will lead the way,
Rainbow, brown, white or grey?