Gimli's Song

- Shelob
Long we delved the Misty Mountain's stone
Creating wonders of Moria in darkest mines
Digging through rock of endless ages
No time do dwarves have for love
We march the dusty paths, always alone
Seeking treasure of silver, hidden deep

And golden gifts, kept buried in the deep
Beneath the tall mountain's walls of stone
Mirromere to Khazad-dum, we walk alone
Building great halls of stone in the mines
Tho' sometimes we might think about love
As our hearts beat, slowly, through the ages

We wished for wives to share long ages
As we broke the rock in holes so deep
Singing songs of a golden lady's love
Breaking our axes on the hardest stone
We awoke the nameless evil from the mines
Killing us, to leave empty halls of stone

Even beauty and power of a lady's love
Could not save us from dark evil alone
Echos of drumbeats sounding through stone
Tho' this great evil slept for many ages
Now the fires burn brightly in the deep
Shadowy Balrog stomping through the mines

If I could have known the lady's love
I would not feel so lost and alone
Walking through these dark halls of stone
Darkness, returning, dims the light of ages
Flame of Udun, falling into the endless deep
Lashing whip takes the Wizard into the mines

Wishing we had never entered these mines
Rather to have followed my dream of love
Than this perilous journey in the deep
Our friend Gandalf is gone, we are alone
Bane of Durin returning to the lost ages
Hidden again by the mountain's cold stone

Far too deep, we delved for Moria's silver mines
Marble walls of stone replacing lady's love
Dwarves, alone in ancient halls, through dark ages