Four Swords

LotR Object: Assorted swords

Wizard's sword, long and sharp,
Once carried by a King of old.
Then used by trolls,  in the dark,
Now Rider in White, leads armies bold.

Hobbit's sword, a shorter blade,
Held by a bearer, strong of mind,
Where deep in Shelob's lair of shade,
It pierced her eye and made her blind.

Maiden's sword, the Lady in disguise,
Took a small hobbit, along for the ride.
Going into battle, no fear in her eyes.
By woman's hand, "death to you Beast", she cried.

King's sword, it once was broken,
Re-forged by the elves, in fire hot.
Steel for freedom, a shining token,
Saved them all, foiled Sauron's plot.

Four swords, each, a different story,
Wielded by Wizard, Hobbit, Maiden and King,
Fighting to save, Middle Earth glory,
To shadows of evil, an end to bring.