Found Poetry by Shelob

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Forth Eorlingas
The Wizard's Vale
Cold Mutton
The Promise
A Great Malice
The Star-Glass
The River
The Trees
The Battle
To Isengard
Ford of Rivendell
Fire and Flood
Mount Doom
Another Way
The Golden Hall
The Open Gate

Taken from the Two Towers - last page of 'the King of the Golden Hall' and the first three paragraphs of 'Helm's Deep'

Forth Eorlingas

They rode like the wind
The sun westering
Light, a golden haze

Along the foot-hills
Darker and taller
The Misty Mountains loomed

Evening came
Starry sky, waxing moon
Without tidings of alarm

Night passed
Trumpets sounded dawn
They rode like the wind.

This challenge is more difficult than it would first seem, but fun to do with the lovely words of Tolkien - this is from "the Road to Isengard"

The Wizard's Vale

Dark lay the vale,
Howling of wolves.

The river silent and empty,
A bare waste of sand.

Spire of smoke and vapour.

Blacker than night.

Whisperings and groanings.

The ground trampled,
Grass was crushed, brown.

Strange trees, gone to Fangorn,
They were revenged.

From the chapter - LOL - because of the board filter i have to change the chapter name to 'Strange' Lodgings - anyway, the lines are taken from the first few pages - hope you like this one

Cold Mutton

Bilbo woke up,
The early sun in his eyes,
Tea nor toast nor bacon for breakfast,
Only cold mutton and rabbit.
Mists were in the valley,
A fair morning with little wind,
What is finer than flying?
A warm bath,
And late breakfast on the lawn.
Set down,
One by one,
To the top of the rock.
Til' journey's end.

The Promise

Smeagol promised,
Yes, my precious, we promised,
To save our precious,
Not to let him have it,
We wonders?
What's the hobbit going to do?
Yes, we wonders.
Smeagol said he would be good,
Not hurt the nice hobbit.
He knows,
Wraiths are searching.
She might help,
She might.

From "Shelob's Lair in Tolkien's "The Two Towers"

A Great Malice

She that walked in darkness
Powers of night
Are old and strong
Great malice
Deadly regard
Many-windowed eyes
Menace unmasked
A pale deadly fire
Deep pit of evil
Eyes filled with purpose
And hideous delight
Their prey trapped,
Beyond all hope of escape

The Star-Glass

He fell sideways into emptiness
A reek so foul
Sickness and fear
They struggled on
Hand in hand
False choice
Certainly fatal
Why did'nt he wait?
Something worse than Gollum
A long venomous hiss
blackness and despair
The star-glass
When all other lights go out

The River

Wide hurrying water.
The breeze died,
No voice,
Broke the silence.
The sun gleamed,
In a pale sky.
It faded early,
a grey and starless night.
Trees passed, like ghosts
Through mist.
Frodo listened,
Faint gurgle of river,
An uneasy sleep.

'Found' in The Two Towers - the Road to Isengard
The Trees

Their eyes were on the trees
They feared them
Horse and man
Unwilling to pass
Sweeping boughs
Like searching fingers
A mist was about them
Great aisles of wood
Wrapped in dusk
Impenatrable shadows
Wordless voices
Murmuring angrily
No living creature
Could be seen.

From 'The Two Towers'- chapter 'the White Rider'
The Battle

Long I fell
Fire was about me
I burned
We plunged into deep water
All was dark
Cold as death
Deep is the abyss
Beyond light and knowledge
We fought
I hewed him
He fled
Far under the earth
Below the dwarves deepest delvings
Gnawed by nameless things

My enemy
My only hope
Back at last
Secret ways of Kazad-dum
Many thousand steps
Ever up
The Endless Stair
Durin's Tower
Carved in rock of Zirakazigil
Pinnacle of the Silvertine
Lonely window in the snow
Out he sprang and burst into flame
Thunder and lightning
Vapour and steam
I was alone.

To Isengard

Gandalf laughed merrily,
The trees?
That is no deed of mine,
A thing beyond the wise.
Whose is the wizardry?
A power far older
Walked the earth,
Ere elf sang or hammer rang.
Young was mountain under moon,
Ere ring was made,
It walked the forests long ago.
Come with me to Isengard,
We may see strange things,
My way lies eastward.

- Shelob