Feetses - Footses

- Shelob

Hobbit feet, strong and furry,
Along the Shire paths they scurry.
Knowing those who run the fastest
Will be in time for 'second breakfast'
Dwarf foots marching, merrily along,
Cheerful voices singing, a silly song.
Ranger feet with leather boots, knee high,
Traveling Middle-Earth, under the bright sky.
Elf foots, very cute, shoes with pointy toe,
Running, lightly leaping, over drifts of snow.
Pony feet prancing, happy with glee,
To go with his friend, Sam Gamgee.
Wizard foots walking, all across the land,
Keeping dwarves and elves, well in hand.
Crows feet, more than wrinkles round your eye,
Spies of Saruman, flying fast and high.
Gollums foots like paddles, chasing nice fishes,
Oh how sad he was, when he lost his 'Precious.'
Goblins feet, pad softly, down the stone way,
Catching all, who unaware, into their home stray.
Orcs foots pounding, shove each other rudely,
Lashing hobbit prisoners, oh so cruelly.
Merry dashes off, thru the tall grass,
Hoping that his friends, will this way pass.
Spiders feet are many, in fact, she has eight,
If you go to Cirith Ungol, harsh will be your fate.
Ringwraiths foots all clad, in silver steel,
Step up the hill to Weathertop, nightmare real.
Saurons feet stomping, thru the deep gloom,
Fears the Ring falling, into the Cracks of Doom.