Eyes of Wizards

- Shelob

Wizard eyes, old as time
Often weary, never blurry.
Paths through danger they must find.
Always patient, tho' in a hurry.
Traveling lands, friendly, evil to others,
Sharing news with all his brothers.
Radagast and Saruman, leaders of the Order,
Keeping constant watch all along the border.
Gandalf rides to Orthanc, at sunset,
Eyes of Saruman, deceiving, "well met."
You tell me the One Ring in the Shire is found.
Language of Mordor, flaming letters around.
Eyes so friendly, Gandalf believing,
Climbs the steep stairs, softly breathing.
Globe of black stone, shining eye of fire,
Now he knows, Saruman is a liar!
Locked away, on the roof of tower,
Lonely sad eyes, no longer in power.
Piercing dark eyes, a moth they see,
Go forth and bring Lord Eagle to me.
Take me to Rohan with all of your speed,
Glowing eyes calling, noble white steed.
Happy eyes, smiling, meeting old friends,
Wizard grey, eyes bright, rides again.