- Shelob

Hobbits eyes are full of trust,
Ever gentle and very kind.
Dwarfs eyes, full of lust,
Delving deeper, gold to find.
Elfs eyes, long distances see,
From far off hill, to inn at Bree.
Rangers eyes, forever steady,
Sword and knife are swiftly ready.
Ponys eyes are soft and mild,
Looking forward to journey wild.
Wizards eyes, strong and fierce,
Straight into your heart they pierce.
Birds eyes, small and glistening,
Flying fast, secrets whispering.
Gollums eyes, leering and suspicious,
Whining, crying, "where's my Precious?"
Goblins eyes snapping with hate,
Evil guards of Moria's gate.
Orcs eyes, hotly glaring,
Foul meat for supper sharing.
Spiders eyes, mean and gleaming,
Away from her, all run screaming.
Ringwraiths eyes, are always seeking,
Shadows over Middle-Earth creeping.
Saurons eyes are red and burning,
Westward watching, ever turning.