The Evil Ones

- Shelob

From the deepest pits of Utummo,
Melkor tortured elves fair.
Orcs he turned them, grim foes,
Like goblins of terrible despair.

Muscled arms, long and strong,
Skin rough as charred wood.
Long yellow teeth to bite bone,
Red eyes, thirsty for blood.

Fierce warriors, fearful of light,
Swift did they run, traveling far.
Under cover of darkness, black night,
Dwellers, foul holes, hiding from star.

Out of Angband, armour of iron,
Piercing arrows of poison to fly.
Sauron's slaves from Mount Doom,
And Saruman's fighting Uruk-hai.

One Ring of Power falls into hot fire,
Evil Master disappears, smoke on wind.
Dark servants, Sauron's funeral pyre.
Orcs perish, never in Middle-earth again.