Where are the Entwives?

- Shelob

We follow the East wind,
Blowing dust and ashes cover our tracks.
Evil prevails over this land.
Our lost love.
Dark smoke, rises like a cloud.
If only, the Ents were here.

We follow the North wind,
Snow drifts slowly over our footsteps.
Quiet solitude of winter.
Our new love.
Cold breezes stir our limbs.
We do miss the Ents, we left.

We follow the South wind,
Warm rain washes away our sorrow.
New grass grows on paths we once walked.
Our love gone.
Searching for us always in the meadows.
We cry, for our beloved Ents.

We follow the West wind,
Golden leaves fall like tears in the rivers.
Flowing from mountain to distant sea.
Our love found.
The Blessed Realm, in shadows of twilight.
Ent friends, will be with us again.