Dragon Dreams

- Shelob
Fourteen ponies trot briskly along
Dwarves and a hobbit, singing a song
Hooves strike softly down, barely making any sound
As farther and farther they ride from home

Misty Mountains, loom cold and grey
In fading light of a summer day
Cool wind upon faces, seeing unfamiliar places
Hoping, only good luck, shall come their way

Supper time has long gone past
Weary travelers, halt at last
Unpack bags of goods, shake out dusty hoods
And besure, to tie the hungry ponies, fast

Gathering wood for a cooking fire
Little hobbit wishes he was back in the Shire
Frying tomatos and some bacon, a tasty meal makin'
Believing adventures are more a dwarvish desire

Ponies are fed, the fire burns low
They pull up their blankets, to sleep they go
One last thought, NOT, by a dragon, to be caught
Wondering, what new paths?, tomorrow will show

Dreaming of gold and treasure to find
Unguarded by dragons of any kind
A golden heap, now theirs to keep
The most beautiful jewels ever mined

But, Smaug the Great, tho' sleeping, awaits
Unknown master of all their fates
His steaming breath, a burning death
Drifts down the tunnel, towards the gates